Tyre Recycling in Manchester, Lancashire

EU Tyre Solutions Ltd of Manchester Lancashire, offer a wide range of professional, environmentally friendly tyre recycling solutions.

Tyre Disposal in Greater Manchester

Used tyres have traditionally been dumped into the ground in landfill sites and left for future generations to worry about. However, in 2003 and 2006, new legislation ruled that whole and shredded tyres were banned from landfill. These new rules came into force as part of the European Union's Landfill Directive, which will see a ban on dumping used tyres across the whole of the union.

Recycling Today for a Greener Tomorrow

At EU Tyre Solutions Ltd, we recycle 100% of all collected tyres and strive to find applications for all our products without just shredding and burning. We are regulated by the Environment Agency and we always try to avoid sending waste to landfill where possible.

For example, our tyres are recycled into small rubber chips that can then be used for alternative fuels and drainage projects. Larger chips can be used for landscape projects, children's play areas, and for larger scale equestrian and sports projects.

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